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Dinexos offers a specialized salary receipt collection service for companies, allowing them to finance their sales through this modality. This service not only improves the financial cash flow of companies, but also expands their reach, allowing them to reach personnel from the forces and various public entities.

Services offered

Our paycheck collection service allows companies to finance their sales, ensuring timely and reliable payments. Dinexos takes care of the entire process, from collection management to integration with salary payment systems. This makes it easier for businesses to maintain healthy cash flow and focus their resources on growth and expansion.

Implementation process

The implementation process of our salary receipt collection service is simple and efficient:

  1. Registration and Configuration: Companies register on our platform and configure the necessary details to integrate payslip collection.
  2. Sales and Collection Management: Dinexos manages the financed sales and is responsible for collection directly from the staff's salary receipts.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting: We provide tools to monitor the status of collections and access detailed reports on service performance.

Benefits of Choosing Dinexos for Collection Management

  • Cashflow improvement: Facilitates cash flow by ensuring timely and reliable payments.
  • Market Expansion: It allows you to reach personnel from the forces and various public entities, significantly expanding the target audience.
  • Operating efficiency: Dinexos takes care of the entire collection process, freeing up companies' internal resources.
  • Security and Trust: We provide a safe and reliable service, backed by our experience and advanced technology.

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