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Do you know the dropshipping?

At Dinexos, we offer complete dropshipping solutions both as a client, selling products through our renowned channels such as Lealforce and AMUPEF Store, and as a supplier, facilitating logistics and product management for third parties. Our comprehensive approach ensures an efficient and hassle-free operation for both parties.

Dropshipping through Lealforce and AMUPEF Store
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Dinexos acts as a client, selling high quality products through our sales channels, Lealforce and AMUPEF Store, aimed at armed forces, security personnel, workers and the general public.


  • Wide Market Scope: Access to a specific and well-defined audience with high demands.
  • Specialized Marketing: Product promotion through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Management of the Sales Process: From promotion to final delivery to the client.
  • Complete Logistics Support: Product storage, packaging and shipping management.
Dropshipping as a Supplier

Dinexos facilitates the sale of third-party products, managing all logistics and shipping aspects, allowing companies to focus on marketing and customer service.


  • Integrated logistics: We take care of packaging and shipping products directly to our partners' customers.
  • Costs reduction: Eliminates the need for storage and management of own inventories.
  • Scalability: Facilitates the expansion of the product catalog without logistical complications.
  • Technological Integration: Platforms and tools for easy integration with our partners' sales system.
Dropshipping Process
  1. Registration and Configuration
    • Customer: Suppliers register and upload their products to our platform, providing details on inventory, pricing and shipping policies.
    • Supplier: Companies register and select the products they want us to manage. They provide shipping details and we begin processing orders.
  2. Orders management
    • Customer: We receive orders through our sales channels (Lealforce and AMUPEF Store), managing all the logistics of the order, from confirmation to final delivery to the customer.
    • Supplier: Companies send their orders through our platform, and we take care of all the logistics, from packaging to final delivery.
  3. Monitoring and Follow-up
    • Customer: Keep track of your products and sales in real time through our platform. Receive updates on the status of each order and available inventory.
    • Supplier: Track shipments and receive updates on the status of each order.
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